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Sunday August 21st Moygara Castle Dr. Keiran O’Conor    With   umbrellas   raised,   a   large   group   of   enthusiastic   visitors   gathered   at   Moygara   Castle,   and despite   the   weather,   enjoyed   an   interesting   and   enlightening   tour   of   this   important   structure,   led   by Dr Kieran O’Conor.                                Moygara   takes   its   name   from   the   O’Gara   family   who   ruled   the   area   around   Lough   Gara.   They built three castles, the most impressive being Moygara located in the north-west corner of the lough. With   many   of   its   defensive   features   still   evident,   the   castle   is   a   good   example   of   a   castellated structure.   On   the   north   side   of   the   bawn   wall,   stands   the   oldest   part   of   the   castle   a   ruined   rectangular structure, possibly an earlier tower house. Keiran   detailed   the   research   undertaken   by   him   revealing   the   various   stages   of   construction and the history of the site much to the pleasure of those present.
Moygara Castle Photos by PJ O’Neill
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