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Ranelagh, County Roscommon
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The History of the History of the Reformation in Ireland 8pm Friday April 26th Prof. Alan Ford This talk will look not at the history of the Irish Reformation, but of the history of the history of the Irish Reformation – the way in which its history has been written, in other words its historiography. As we know, history is written by historians and historians are human beings, a product of the place in which they grew up and were educated, shaped by the intellectual and religious currents of their time. This is especially true of those who have written about the Irish Reformation: from the early 17th century onwards Protestant historians have written Protestant histories, and Catholic historians Catholic histories. We will trace this story down to the present day, looking at the Protestant St Patrick and the Catholic St Patrick, and seeing how in the twentieth century the rival denominational stories changed and were gradually replaced as history became a university discipline rather than a sectarian pastime.
Prof. Alan Ford University of Nottingham, Theology and Religious Studies, Emeritus | Born in Dublin, he was educated at TCD and Cambridge universities. After a period in the Irish foreign service, he joined Durham University as a Lecturer in Church History in 1988, moving to Nottingham in 1998, where he served as Professor of Theology, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Teaching and Learning. He is now a Professor Emeritus. His main research interest is Irish religious history. His publications include The Protestant Reformation in Ireland (2nd ed., Dublin, 1997), and James Ussher: theology, history, and politics in early-modern Ireland and England (Oxford, 2007). His most recent book was The Church of Ireland and its past: history, interpretation and identity, published in 2018 and co-edited with Mark Empey and Miriam Moffitt.
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