The   Sligo   Field   Club   (SFC) is    a    voluntary    organisation.    The    objectives    of    the    SFC    are    to promote   interest   in      the   environment,   both   natural   and   man-made,   through      lectures,   guided   field   trips   and        other   methods   considered      appropriate.   The   general   areas   of   interest   of   the   SFC   are      Archaeology,   History,     Natural      History   and   the   quality   of   the      environment.      The   Club   aims   to   interest   the   general   public   in   its objectives   and   welcomes   Members   from   all   walks   of   life,   family   membership   being   particularly   encouraged. SFC   achieves   these   objectives   by   means   of   lectures,   guided   field   trips   and   any   other   method   considered appropriate.   An   annual   programme   of   eight   monthly   lectures   on   relevant   topics   by   national   authorities   is provided, together with a selection of evening, afternoon and full day field outings.   We   hold   an   annual   programme   of   nine      monthly   lectures   on   relevant   topics   by   national   authorities, together   with   a   selection   of   evening,   afternoon   and   full   day   field   outings.   During   National   Heritage Week   the SFC provides several lectures and outings. All of these events are free of charge to members and visitors.    Since   2009   the   SFC   has   organised   an   annual   weekend   themed   conference   entitled   Celebrating   Sligo the   themes   being   specific   to   Sligo;   e.g.   400   Years   of   the   Borough   to   celebrate   the   Charter   of   the   Borough   of Sligo or A Celebration of Sligo Families in the Year of the Gathering.    This   year,   2017   our   conference   is   on the   ‘Rise   and   Fall   of   Landed   Estates   in   the   Northwest’.All   Sligo   Field   Club   monthly   lectures   take   place   in     the   Sligo   Education      Centre,   IT   Sligo   campus   unless      otherwise   notified.   Details   of   lectures   are   usually     announced   in   the   Sligo   Champion   and Weekender.        All   the   latest   SFC   news   and   updates   can   be   found   on   our website and Facebook.
The SFC annually holds a programme of nine monthly lectures on relevant topics by national authorities. A selection of evening, afternoon and full day field outings. An annual conference. Organize special events As as well as participating in many events arranged by other groups and organizations
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You can write with your  membership intentions to Larry Mullin (Hon.Tres.)  Ballinode, Sligo  or purchase your membership online here. For More Details :   or Phone 086-0579511
2018 Student/Unemployed Subscription to the SFC @ €20       2018 Single Subscription to the SFC @ €30 2018 Family  Subscription to the SFC @ €40 

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A Souterrain in a Midden at Culleenamore, A Chair for Dubhaltach Mac Fhir Bhisigh, The ‘Poets Chairs’ at Skreen, Mac Fhirbhisigh Memorial: Unveiling, Evidence for Surnames in Sligo Placenames, Jones Family, Benada Abbey, Co. Sligo, German Perceptions of Sligo: 1850s, Col. W.G. Wood-Martin, 1847 – 1917, Marine Debris Along the Sligo Coast, Death’s-head Hawk-moth in Co. Sligo, An Interview with Jack Flynn
Bunduff Four-poster, A Sand Dune or Mound, Moytara Stone Axheads, A Priest, A Cairn and a Bead, A Violent Death in Medieval Sligo, The Place Name Bradullen, Sligo Salt Industry : 1700-1850, Map of Sligo Gas Network in 1861, Gulls of Sligo Town, Dragonflies and Damselflies of Sligo, Yeats International Summer School,
SFC Logo and Carrowntemple, Doonshaskin Court Tomb, Farranyharpy Passage Tomb, Ballydawley Stone Heads, Killarron Church Donegal, Symbolism of Medieval Griffins, Red Earl's Road and Bothar an Corrann, Carns Cave Sligo, Source of the River Moy, The Armada in Sligo: Stáid or Ahamlish?, Business in Sligo: An Historical Overview, Sligo Soldiers and Jalandhar, Barium Consolidated 1928, Robert Warren Naturalist, Butterflies and Moths of County Sligo
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